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Inner Range Inovonics RF LAN Module to suit Integriti / Inception

Inner Range Inovonics RF LAN Module to suit Integriti / Inception

Code: IR-996008
Brand: Inner Range
Product Details
Inner Range Inovonics RF LAN Module to suit Integriti / Inception

Designed to suit Integriti and Inception, the Inovonics RF LAN module provides an interface for Inovonics one-way security transmitters such as detectors, universal transmitters and user pendants. The number of devices supported is determined by the controller input and user licencing. There are no auxiliaries on this module.

Power is sourced from the Integriti or Inception LAN or a separate battery-backed external supply. Depending on type, transmitters are processed as zone inputs or user RF remotes. Some devices can be processed as either type depending on how they are enrolled in the system. repeaters can be used to extend the range of the system. The repeater device ID can be assigned to an RF zone input to allow repeater problems to be monitored.

Up to 32 detectors can be monitored by each module as zone inputs. User pendant transmissions can be received via any RF expander module in the system. Transmitters must be registered via simple procedures before they can be used. Once registered, system programming is then performed to specify their operations. An RF zone indicates an alarm state when the device is in alarm, and a tamper state when the housing is opened.

  • Power Supply Input: 11.5V to 14V DC
  • Current Consumption: 115mA
  • Installation environment: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • 15% to 85% Relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Enclosure dimensions: 165mm (Width) x 92mm (Height) x 28mm (Depth)
  • Zone Inputs: 32 Wireless zones
  • Auxiliaries: 4 (Virtual Auxiliaries only. No physical Auxiliaries)
  • RF Frequency Band: 915-928 MHz (Australia), 921-928 MHz (New Zealand)
  • For use in Australia and New Zealand only
  • Integriti Controller Firmware V17 or later required
  • Inception Controller must be V1.2.1 or later required

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