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Inner Range EliteX Standard Keypad

Inner Range EliteX Standard Keypad

Code: IR-995400
Brand: Inner Range
Product Details
Inner Range EliteX Standard Keypad

The EliteX standard keypad is an elegantly designed terminal that features a clear and easy to read OLED display. Users can utilise the keypad to perform typical operations on the Integriti system including control of security areas, door access, event activity review and controlling the state of outputs.

Users PIN numbers can also be changed directly from the keypad. The OLED display shows plain text navigation through operations and alarms, events and items are presented by name. The keypad's 8 indicator LEDs can also display the real-time status of the security system.

For the Installer, the EliteX can be used to program the entire Integriti system (macros excluded). This allows the installer to make quick and efficient changes as needed without the need to access the Integriti software. The EliteX supports 12 languages.

  • Clear and easy to read 2-line OLED display
  • Programmable backlight brightness suitable for bright or low-light environments
  • Slimline surface mount design
  • Stylish design and neutral colours will look great in any environment
  • Design style compliments the PrismaX keypad (colour screen model)
  • Backlit rubberised keypad provides a user-friendly tactile feel
  • Eight LEDs provide area status, door functions, alarms and other conditions via programming options
  • Instant help text available anytime, at the press of a key
  • Multilingual firmware as standard (12 languages)
  • Four 'arrow' keys provide quick and convenient access to menu options
  • Zone inputs and auxiliary outputs provided for connection of local I/O devices
  • Programmable panic key and duress option
  • Built-in module locater buzzer
  • Tamper monitored housing
  • Compatible with Integriti, Inception & Concept 4000 systems


  • Housing Dimensions: 152h x 90w x 18d mm
  • Installation Environment: 0 Degrees - 50Degrees C @ 15% to 85% relative humidity (non-condensing)


  • Input Voltage: 11V - 14V DC
  • Operational Current at 13.7V DC: 14.4mA (Back-light & LEDS off), 42mA (Back-light & LEDS max brightness)
  • Operations Current @ 13.7V DC SIFER Model: 46mA (Back-light & LEDS off), 186mA (Peak, Back-light & LEDS max brightness)
  • Auxiliary Open Collector Output Current: 18VDC, 500mA maximum each (PTC protected)

Display & Indicator Brightness

  • Display/ Keypad: Variable brightness via programming (Can be turned off)
  • LED Indicators: Variable brightness via programming

Indicators & I/Os

  • LED Indicators: 8
  • Aux Outputs (Open collector): 2
  • Universal I/Os: 2 (Input mode is compatible with original Elite, or EOL/Multi-state compatible)

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