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Digigard Quad Element Digital Motion Detector

Digigard Quad Element Digital Motion Detector

Code: PDX-DG65
Brand: Paradox
Product Details
Digigard Quad Element Digital Motion Detector

The Paradox DG65 indoor high-performance PIR motion detectors offer superior protection for areas up to 12m x 12m (40ft x 40ft). DG65 uses advanced 100% digital and includes a quad element sensor.

  • Digital Dual Opposed Detection
  • Interlock Sensor Geometry
  • Quad element sensor
  • Auto Pulse Signal Processing
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Dual Edge Processing
  • 12m (40ft) x 12m (40ft); 110° viewing angle
  • Sensor Type: Quad element infrared
  • Sensor Geometry: ISG (interlock)
  • Coverage: 12m x 12m
  • Installation Height: 2.1m to 2.7m
  • RFI / EMI Rejection: 10V/m rejection from 10MHz to 1GHz
  • Voltage Input (typical): - 11 to 16Vdc
  • Current Consumption: 15mA max / 6mA min (LED disabled)
  • Anti-Tamper Switch: 150mA / 28Vdc, N.C.
  • Lens: 2nd generation Fresnel lens, LODIFF, segments
  • Detection Speed: 0.2m/s to 3.5m/s ingress
  • Operating Temperature: -20degC to 50degC, UL/ULC Tested to 0degC to 49degC
  • Environmental standards somplies with EN 50131 security grade 2 / environmental class I

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