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Multiport Ethernet UART (1 Ethernet, 3 Serial Port)

Multiport Ethernet UART (1 Ethernet, 3 Serial Port)

Code: IR-995091
Brand: Concept
Product Details
Multiport Ethernet UART (1 Ethernet, 3 Serial Port)

Plugging directly onto the Control Module, Ethernet UART boards provide up to three high-speed, software configurable serial ports to allow interaction with third party building automation systems and connection of peripheral serial devices to the Concept 4000 Control Module. The Ethernet UART provides a 10BaseT Ethernet connection between the Concept 4000 Control Module and Insight software in addition to up to three serial ports. This allows communication over LAN, WAN, VPN and the internet. Up to four simultaneous connections can be maintained via the UART board - an operator using Insight can be communicating with a Control Module whilst the Control Module is interfacing with building automation systems, high level lift interfaces, Multipath STUs, printers or GSM units.

  • Allows up to three concurrent, high level serial connections
  • 1x 10BaseT Ethernet Connection
  • Plugs directly onto the Concept 4000 Control Module
  • Allows communication speed of up to 38,400 baud
  • Home Automation Serial Communication format is enabled with the use of the Multiport Ethernet UART
  • Powered via host module
  • 115mm(L) x 104mm(W)
  • 120mA minimum operational current

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