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5 Amp x 8-Way Versatile Relay Board

5 Amp x 8-Way Versatile Relay Board

Code: IR-995082
Brand: Concept
Product Details
5 Amp x 8-Way Versatile Relay Board

For general purpose switching applications like process control, warning devices, simple building automation and even control of door locks, etc., the 8 Relay Expander Board adds 8 relays which can switch high-current, low-voltage loads. One versatile 8-Way relay board can be fitted to a Concept 3000/4000 Control Module and Mini Expander whereas up to 4 may be attached to a single Universal Expander by means of a Relay Extension Cable (IR-995019).

  • 8 Relay outputs
  • Compatible with Concept 3000/4000 Type 0, 1, 2 and 2.5 Controllers
  • Compatible with all Universal Expanders and Mini Expanders
  • Up to four relay cards can be connected to one Universal Expander
  • Ribbon cable and accessories included
  • Powered via host module
  • 180mm(L) x 68mm(W)
  • 60mA minimum operating current (max 480mA)

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