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Hanwha Wisenet WAVE 8x IP Camera Licence

Hanwha Wisenet WAVE 8x IP Camera Licence

Brand: Hanwha
Product Details
Hanwha Wisenet WAVE 8x IP Camera Licence

Wisenet WAVE, is a VMS (Video Management System) from Hanwha which is designed to support the advanced features, and onboard video analytics that are unique to Hanwha cameras. Wisenet WAVE is ideally suited to meet the needs of customers looking for an easy to use, end-to-end video surveillance solution. Offering a highly customisable IP video management platform, WAVE gives users the ability to create tailored network video solutions for any type of project, on any device. Wisenet WAVE includes a multi-server redundant fail-over, which is built into the software and does not require any additional fail-over licences. Lightweight and ready to be activated with only a few clicks, this system is a dream for installers. An intuitive 'drag and drop' interface makes it effortless for operators to set up a display of live and recorded images on a single screen or video wall, with customisable layouts and sizes. Scaling up to a massive 50 clients and 128 channels per server with the ability to create server hives - this VMS can manage installations from an intermediate to enterprise scale.

In addition to this, integration between Hanwha WiseNet Wave VMS and Inner Range's Inception security and access control solution allows bi-directional control of both systems in one, simple to use, mobile app Hanwha's WiseNet Wave. This feature rich system is both extremely easy and intuitive for the operator, making it a great value for money VMS for any installer to rise to the top of the industry today with the latest technology.

Hanwha's Wisenet Wave HAN-WAVE-PRO-08 enables access to this software for eight camera.

  • Configure system to react to specific events via events and rules engine
  • Automatic device failover for up to 128 devices with no additional licences required
  • Rapidly search for footage using the smart motion search tool
  • Users can easily update the software version with one click online
  • Third party devices or systems can easily receive HTTP requests
  • Automatically discover cameras
  • Fully integrated to Hanwha Wisenet X series
  • Enables recording of captured video
  • One licence channel per camera
  • Cannot be activated on ARM servers
  • Licences do not expire

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