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Dormakaba B-Comm Software, Supports up to 25 Gateways

Dormakaba B-Comm Software, Supports up to 25 Gateways

Code: DK-BCOMM-25
Brand: Dormakaba
Product Details
Dormakaba B-Comm Software, Supports up to 25 Gateways

The Dormakaba Evolo range of wireless locking products have a high-level integration to Inner Range’s Integriti system. The C-Lever Pro, C-Lever Compact and Digital Cylinder wireless locks have a sophisticated, well-thought-out design and have a wide range of functions. The wireless locks communicate with the wireless gateway and the gateway communicates to Dormakaba’s B-Comm software. Integriti then communicates with the B-Comm software and provides a seamless interface to the wireless access solution. This integration offers a fantastic solution for sites where cabling to a door is not an option, but a complete and comprehensive keyless access control system is necessary.

The DK-BCOMM-25 communicates to the Integriti software over the IP network and synchronises doors and user data. Integriti can then seamlessly control Dormakaba's wireless locks. The B-Comm licencing is based on the DK-GATE-90 gateway quantities that supports up to 25 gateways. There are no limitations to wireless lock quantities and each gateway supports up to 16 wireless locks.

  • Network search/scan tool for gateways
  • Live online/offline status of gateways and locks
  • Easy to use tree navigation GUI
  • Supports up to and including 25 DK-GATE-90 gateway
  • Minimum of 512 MB of RAM required (no other software, VM services or OS in use)
  • Minimum of 500 MB of free HDD space for installation of package

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