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Bosch Blue Line Tritech Detector, 12m

Bosch Blue Line Tritech Detector, 12m

Code: BOS-BDL2-W12G
Brand: Bosch
Product Details
Bosch Blue Line Tritech Detector, 12m

The Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Series of Motion Detectors use a combination of passive infrared (PIR) and microwave detection technologies with advanced signal processing. The pet-friendly (-WP) models generate alarms for human intruders without generating false a larms for pets. These small unobtrusive detectors are simple to install and do not need field adjustments.

  • TriTech, PIR and microwave movement detector
  • Dynamic temperature compensation - superior catch performance in any environment
  • Microwave noise adaptive processing - reduce false alarms from repetitive sources
  • 90 degree field of view
  • 12m coverage area
  • Flexible mounting height
  • Self-locking enclosure with integrated bubble level

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